Introductory remarks

It’s a proper blog! This seems like a nice place for thoughts about writing, both my writing and other people’s which I find thought-provoking.

I’m Cat Manning. Up until now, I’ve mostly written about dead languages and historical cosmopolitanism for my day job, but I’ve gotten heavily invested in interactive fiction recently. I’m a latecomer to the scene, but I’ve been writing creatively on and off for the better part of two decades now. I like speculative fiction, digital humanities, translation and rewriting, and marginalia. I also like commas and semicolons more than is good for me. I’m working on several interactive fiction pieces across a variety of platforms (Inform7, Undum, and Choicescript), and this seems like a good place to talk about processes, both specific and theoretical.

A bit more about me: Cat, late-twenties, she/her. Perpetually peripatetic and usually split between Los Angeles, London, and the small town where I’m finishing up my Ph.D. in Renaissance literature. I love graffiti (ancient, modern, and imagined) and cityscapes (especially the ones in someone’s head).